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New! Secure SD-WAN

What's New

Introducing: Secure SD-WAN

Introducing the latest addition to our networking services toolkit: HOT’s Secure SD-WAN

Following the expansion of the cloud-based Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings, Hydro One Telecom has introduced a new networking solution, Secure SD-WAN, to help customers compete in an increasingly digitally transformed marketplace.

HOT’s fully managed Secure SD-WAN solution takes the place of legacy Wide-Area Network (WAN) services, which are traditionally complex, costly, and simply not built with the demands of today’s digital-intensive workplaces in mind.

Combining a number of existing technologies used in WAN Edge devices—including routing, load balancing, Quality of Service, traffic shaping and Next-Generation Firewall security—HOT’s Secure SD-WAN solution, powered by top-rated cybersecurity provider Fortinet and delivered as a fully managed service, deploys a hybrid network architecture that integrates legacy WAN services with direct but secure branch-to-Internet connectivity — bypassing the need to route back to the main site. This provides both cost effectiveness and increased performance, all while mitigating the evolving cybersecurity threats present in the cloud.

Among its numerous features, customers will benefit from:

  • Application-aware routing based on business policies and current network conditions
  • Multi-link control for bandwidth on demand
  • Zero-touch deployment for faster implementation at scale and simplified operations at the WAN Edge
  • Real-time performance monitoring and reporting
  • End-to-end security, with inter-site traffic encryption using IPSec VPN technology
  • NGFW based Cybersecurity
  • Lower total cost of ownership as compared to legacy systems


And, because it makes use of broadband for customer-site connectivity, HOT’s Secure SD-WAN can be installed virtually anywhere!

Taken together, Hydro One Telecom now provides a full suite of cloud services, network connectivity, data backup tools and secure data storage options for its customers to choose from.

Click here to learn more about our Secure SD-WAN solution or contact us at HOTSales@HydroOne.com or 1-866-345-6820 to speak with a Hydro One Telecom sales representative.


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