Our Data Centre Connectivity

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Hydro One Telecom currently provides connectivity to over 30 Data Centers in Ontario with 13 more planned for 2017.

We designed our network with Diversity, Security, and Expandability in mind.  By partnering  with leading Data Centre operators, we can connect customers directly to centrally located centres across Ontario, from Manitoba to Quebec, and into the United States. We also connect Data Centre Tenants to their outside customers and provide connectivity between centres to facilitate and expedite backup and recovery strategies.


Our Value-Add

Along with storage, power, security and interconnectivity offered by our Data Centres operator partners, Hydro One Telecom provides high speed, scalable, secure transport you need for business continuity and performance, providing the ability to connect Network-to-Network, Cloud-to-Cloud, Network-to-Cloud and Data Centre-to-Data Centre.


Maximizing Data Centre Value

Backup As A Service (BaaS)

Hydro One Telecom’s new Backup as a Service offering provides a single consolidated repository that simplifies backup and recovery of data that is stored on physical servers and virtual machines, in SaaS-based apps like Google Apps, Salesforce.com or Microsoft 365, in cloud-based platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure and on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
All protected data, regardless of the source, can be viewed and controlled via a dashboard for even the most complex disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. The HOT BaaS offers a secure, reliable, manageable and affordable service that provides clients with peace of mind for their most valuable assets.