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About Our Company

At Hydro One Telecom, we combine the strength and reliability of a respected utility with the agility of a small provider. We work together with our diverse clientele to devise creative solutions, and our engineering focus and ITIL processes ensure that our services are specifically tailored to meet individual requirements. Our customer satisfaction rating is over 90 per cent, which is a testament to the satisfaction we provide.

Hydro One Telecom is properly funded, well managed and committed to the telecom business. Our Converged Optical IP/MPLS Network (COIN) is built on Cisco Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexing (ROADM) technology to provide our clients with the flexibility to customize solutions for converged technology, while improving service deliverables and offering competitive pricing.

Unlike other telecommunications providers, portions of Hydro One Telecom’s network run along Hydro One Limited's transmission towers. The diverse and physically robust nature of this network makes Hydro One Telecom an ideal choice for high availability networks, disaster recovery and redundancy plans. Hydro One Telecom offers the network stability required to meet the business needs of other carriers, as well as financial institutions, enterprises, public sector organizations, utilities, and more.

Company Facts

  • Hydro One Telecom was established in 2000. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of 2486267 Ontario Inc., which in turn is wholly owned By Hydro One Limited.
  • We offer broadband telecommunication services in Ontario with connections to Montreal, Buffalo and Detroit
  • We are a CRTC-registered, non-dominant, facilities-based carrier
  • Our technology partners include Cisco, Juniper Networks, FlexITy Solutions, Ciena and Alpha Technologies
  • Our solution partners include ThinkOn, Fortinet and Scalar
  • We provide Ontario-based urban and rural coverage, delivered through over 6400kms of fibre-optic cables and interconnections with third party carriers

Executive Leadership

Paul Madore

Paul Madore President & CEO

As President and CEO, Paul is responsible for all aspects of Hydro One Telecom’s business success. He brings more than 25 years of experience in telecom to his role, and has led operations and engineering teams with C1/Fundy Communications, Bell Canada and GT Group Telecom.

Prior to his appointment as President and CEO, Paul was Hydro One Telecom’s Director of Telecom Engineering and Service Delivery, where he led engineering, design and service delivery covering Hydro One Telecom’s commercial and power system.

David Hurst

David Hurst Vice President, Sales & Marketing

David is responsible for the marketing and development of public sector, enterprise and wholesale business at Hydro One Telecom. His 30 years of telecommunications experience also includes sales and marketing for channel distribution development and call centre management, supporting wireless, satellite and Internet telecom products.

Robert Agostino

Robert Agostino Vice President, Business Development

Robert leads business development initiatives for Hydro One Telecom.  During Robert’s 24 year career, he has held positions in business and strategy development, account management, marketing, engineering and operations. He has worked with notable companies like Cisco Systems, Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Mobility and Group Telecom. Robert holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University and a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto. Robert is a licensed Professional Engineer and he is a member of Professional Engineers Ontario.

Mukul Sarin

Mukul Sarin Vice President, Financial Regulatory Services

Mukul leads Financial & Regulatory Reporting, Planning and Compliance for Hydro One Telecom.  He brings more than 15 years of Telecom experience to his role.  During his 25 year career, he has held positions in Financial Reporting, Strategic Planning and Regulatory Compliance.  He has worked with notable companies like Bell Canada & Sunlife Financial.  Mukul is a CPA, CGA and is a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants Ontario.

Harrisankar Persaud

Harrisankar Persaud Vice President, Network Operations and IT

As VP Network Operations and IT for Hydro One Telecom, Harri is responsible for Incident and Change Management, second level support and field services. As well, he is accountable for all aspects of IT Engineering and Operations. During his 16 year career at Hydro One Telecom, Harri has held various progressive management roles in Engineering and Operations. Amongst his many accomplishments is the development and implementation of the Hydro One Telecom Converged Optical and IP Network known as COIN. Harri holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto.

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About Hydro One Telecom

Hydro One Telecom offers fibre-optic capacity to organizations with broadband network requirements, providing diverse, secure, high-capacity connectivity in Ontario with connections to Montreal, Buffalo and Detroit. At Hydro One Telecom, we leverage our parent company’s fibre assets to deliver telecommunications solutions to service providers, financial institutions, enterprises, public sector organizations, utilities, school boards and more. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of 2486267 Ontario Inc., which in turn is wholly owned by Hydro One Limited, which delivers electricity safely, reliably and responsibly to homes and businesses across Ontario. Hydro One Telecom is a member of UTC Canada.

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